Video Spotlight: Providing Documentation for Debit Card Transactions

May 18, 2017

A swipe of your card is all you need for over 80 percent of purchases made with your Discovery Benefits debit card. But, in some cases, the IRS requires more documentation to validate that purchases were for IRS-approved items or services.

Fortunately, we’ve made that process easy. You’ll be notified via mail or email if more documentation is required for your purchases. Then, you’ll have three avenues for submitting documentation.

Online account

After logging in to your Discovery Benefits online account, you’ll see an alert if any documentation is needed. Click on that notification to see what’s required and upload your documentation. After successfully uploading your file, you’ll get a confirmation message and be notified by mail or email if anything more is needed.

Mobile app

Use the Benefits Mobile App by Discovery Benefits (available for Apple or Android smartphones and tablets) to submit documentation for expenses. In the app, alerts will show up in the message center on the homepage. Click on each expense and tap “new receipt” to upload your documentation. Then, take a picture of the documentation with your phone’s camera, and submit.  

Fax or mail

You can also send in documentation, along with your receipt reminder attached, via fax or mail.

No matter how you’re submitting your documentation, remember that it needs to include the name of provider, date of service, type of service and dollar amount. If you have one, an Explanation of Benefits is your best bet, as it contains all of this necessary information.

Watch the video below to learn more about submitting documentation for debit card transactions. And to learn more about benefits and technology we offer, check out other blogs on our website.

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