Video Spotlight: The Basics of Commuter Benefits

October 24, 2017

Do you use public transit or parking as part of your daily commute to work? Or do you prefer vanpooling options? Our pre-tax commuter benefits help you save up to 40 percent (depending on your tax rate) on your commuting expenses.

It’s easy to enroll, and spending pre-tax dollars through Discovery Benefits is simple. We offer one consumer portal, one mobile app and one debit card for you to manage all of your plans with us. We’ve outlined the basics of our Commuter Benefits plans below.

What Do Commuter Benefits Cover?

There are many options available to help you save while going to and from work every day. These include:  

  • Mass Transit and Vanpooling. You can use your benefits plan dollars for subway, bus, train and ferry expenses. Just swipe your debit card at one of over 10,000 terminal locations to pay for your transit passes. Or, use your benefits debit card to use pre-tax dollars on UberPOOL and Lyft Shared (formerly called Lyft Line) expenses tied to vanpooling in select cities.
  • Parking. Save money when you park at or near your regular place of employment. You can also reserve or pre-pay for parking spots in select cities by adding your Discovery Benefits debit card as a form of payment in the SpotHero app. Go to for a list of SpotHero-friendly cities.

How Do I Access My Funds?

First, enroll in a commuter plan through your employer. Once you receive our debit card, you’ll be able to use it to pay for your expenses. Commuter Benefits are a monthly benefit, so funds are only available after you’ve contributed them each month.

You can easily use your commuter funds by:

  • Swiping your debit card at your transit station for a daily ticket.
  • Using our direct load options for your pass or fare expenses through our Discovery SmartCommute™ program.
  • Logging into your transit authority’s website or mobile app to purchase or reload a monthly pass.

Would you like to learn more about our Commuter Benefits plans? Watch the video below.

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