January 31, 2018

We’re constantly looking to innovate, with preserving accuracy and enhancing efficiency always in mind. One example of our innovative efforts is our COBRA data transmissions. When members experience a qualifying event, we need to receive their information from the employer correctly and quickly. That’s why we’ve developed apps and processes to do just that, while also making the transmissions hands-off for our clients and consultants. In this blog post, we examine our process for data integration to let you know why you should choose Discovery Benefits for your COBRA administration.

COBRA Integrations

It’s easy to use

When employers work with us for their COBRA administration, we’ll mail necessary paperwork based on their employee’s data. This data includes essential information for qualified beneficiaries. Our streamlined process kicks into gear when an employer changes an employee’s status in their records to make them COBRA-eligible. For example, let’s say an employee terminates their employment with a company:

  1. The company changes the employee’s employment status in their HRIS platform to reflect the qualifying event.
  2. The employee’s data is transmitted to us in a weekly file that includes data for all newly qualified beneficiaries.
  3. The employee’s data is automatically processed using our suite of integration tools called DiscoveryConnections™.
  4. All necessary paperwork for the employee, such as the Specific Rights Notice (Qualifying Events) letter, is mailed.

All of this allows you to be hands-off, improving efficiency and reducing risk for error. Update your employee’s status in your system and automation will take care of the rest!

You’ll hit your deadlines

COBRA is a federal law and, because it’s regulated by Congress, there are a number of rules that must be followed and deadlines that must be met. Every detail of our  data integration was built with that in mind. Once we receive that data in a file from you, each step of our process is automatic. That ensures the most efficient results possible for both you and your qualified beneficiaries.

We’ll preserve accuracy

Accurate data ensures timely results. We recognize how important a delay-free process is for hitting those deadlines. Our automated data exchange reflects that. Since each step is automatic, it dramatically reduces the occurrence of errors. From beginning to end, no human intervention is needed, which means there is virtually no opportunity for human error.

To learn more, read our blog post highlighting five important things to know. You can also watch our COBRA 101 video or our Discovery Marketplace video to learn more about your options with Discovery Benefits.

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