A Day in the Life: Discovery Benefits Account Executive

February 20, 2018

They’re strategists, communicators and collaborators. Account executives at Discovery Benefits lean on those skills and many others while serving as our clients’ advocates. They provide a valuable voice in the development of big-picture ideas for clients, working with them and our internal teams to ensure that each client’s needs are heard and issues are resolved.

“We oversee the overall administration of our clients’ accounts,” said Stacy Hennum, a key account executive in our Fargo office. “We proactively identify any trending issues before they become problems.”

Discovery Benefits Account Executive

Shared vision

When clients have questions or ideas for their administration, account executives serve as their single point of contact. Clients know they can lean on their account executive to be a second set of eyes and ears for healthcare trends and changes.

“When clients have large, overarching strategic decisions that are sensitive, that’s a great time to loop me in. I can oversee those decisions from start to finish,” shared Peter Nettleton, a key account executive in Fargo.

For example, when a client is thinking about transitioning to a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) for their employees, account executives can provide valuable insight by suggesting options for the HDHP, such as also adding a Health Savings Account. “We make suggestions to help make sure they’re offering the best benefits for their employees,” Hennum said.

The right solution and best processes

Our clients are from a wide cross section of industries and, as a result, have very different benefits needs. Account executives enjoy the opportunity to find the right solution in every unique situation. They work with clients to make sure our standard processes work for them and suggest client-specific customizations when possible. And all of our processes focus on the best outcome for the client, too. “We assure our clients that the process in place is the best process and that it helps ensure error-free administration,” Nettleton said.

Bonds built on trust

Hennum shared that her favorite part of the job is getting to know her clients. “I love, love, love my clients,” she said. “Seriously. I’ve become so invested in my clients.”

Nettleton added: “I really love my job. It lets me dive in to every part of the process.”

Hennum and Nettleton each pointed to our company’s award-winning culture as another reason they like working here. “The culture is the best part,” Nettleton said. “It always has been. I started working here because I saw a news story about Discovery Benefits having a snow golf tournament. The culture definitely lives up to expectations.”

Are you interested in becoming an account executive, or looking to learn more about other jobs available at Discovery Benefits? Check out the Careers page on our website or view our job openings.

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