Commuter Benefits Are Made Easy With Integrations

March 22, 2018

For the average American, the commute to work is getting longer. Last fall, the U.S. Census Bureau released 2016 numbers that show the average person spends 26.6 minutes getting to work each day, an increase from 25.1 minutes about a decade ago. As the time it takes to get to work grows, so does the savings potential for your employees when they enroll in a Commuter Benefits plan.

Offering pre-tax benefits plans are a great way to recruit new employees and retain current ones. And, when you choose Discovery Benefits as your Commuter Benefits administrator, you’ll benefit from how simple it is for your employees to use their Commuter Benefits dollars. One way we make it easy is through our integrations, which provide benefits for you and your employees. Keep reading to learn more, and complete the form below to get your free white paper to find out how you can offer a Commuter Benefits program that meets the needs of your and the modern work commuter.

Flexible, easy access to funds

Commuter Benefits plans cover work-related commuter expenses, including via those for bus, van, subway, parking and vanpooling. We’ve kept the variety of commuter methods in mind when developing greater payment flexibility, including through our Discovery SmartCommute™ program.

Participants with a Ventra® (Chicago), Clipper® (San Francisco) or SmarTrip® (Washington, D.C.) card can have their commuter funds automatically loaded onto their smart cards that they likely already use for their daily commute. This allows participants to have their funds available right when they need them, without having to make a purchase to load their smart cards.

Reliable delivery

Our participants always have their benefits dollars within reach. Integrations we offer make it possible for participants to load funds onto their Ventra®, Clipper® or SmarTrip® cards automatically, so they don’t have to swipe a debit card or routinely log into their online account to transfer funds. And all of this reduces the potential for delays or employee questions, since you won’t have to worry about commuter vouchers being mailed to them each month.

Convenient online account access

Managing Commuter Benefits is a cinch for our participants thanks to the Benefits Mobile App by Discovery Benefits and their online accounts. From their app or online account, they can view their account history and available balance.

And, with eligible smart cards in select cities, they can also enroll in the SmartCommute™ program online. They can set up a recurring order or choose specific months of participation, so commuter funds are automatically loaded onto their local smart cards.

Would you like to learn more about how you and your employees can benefit from a modern Commuter Benefits plan? Complete the form above and download your white paper today!

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