Quick Tips for Successful Open Enrollment Preparation

August 23, 2018

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” The quote, by three-time Indianapolis 500 champion Bobby Unser, personifies success in more than just auto racing. Pre-tax benefits plans give you and your employees an opportunity to save money, but preparation is an important part of the formula. 

By following a few simple steps prior to open enrollment, you can boost plan participation to put you and your employees on the path to savings. And download our Open Enrollment Prep To-Do Checklist for even more tips to help you steer your employees toward a smooth open enrollment period.

Open Enrollment Preparation Checklist

Schedule meetings to review options

Start your open enrollment preparation by determining a time and place to meet with your employees to review the plans you offer. Emphasize any changes to your offerings, including new plans available or increases in contribution limits. Depending on the size of your business or availability, you may need to schedule multiple meetings to reach everyone.

Gather informative materials

A longtime marketing rule is that a message must be repeated seven times for it to be remembered. Providing quick-hitting materials, such as handouts, videos and links to blog posts  lets your employees learn at their leisure and will help reinforce the information you’ve provided. Check with your benefits administrator to see if they have any additional materials specific to open enrollment, such as a cheat sheet to help employees understand frequently used terms.

Ask employees to review last year’s elections

Before meeting with your employees, encourage them to review their current plan elections so: 

  • They’ll have time to think of any questions they may have from the current plan year.
  • They can evaluate their experience with their plans and ask questions of themselves, such as, “Did I contribute too much to my benefits plan?” or “Did I contribute enough?”

What else can you do to prepare for open enrollment success? View our Open Enrollment To-Do Checklist for more helpful tips.

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