Technology and the Employer Benefits Experience

October 17, 2018

Third-party benefits administration success depends on important business-to-business relationships, with both partners committed to providing participants with the best experience. A number of personal and professional attributes, including marketability, assurance and reduced anxiety, contribute to the success of the relationship. And a recent study found that one of the most important characteristics is inspirational value, and at the heart of that is vision.

Vision is defined by what you see, but also what you imagine. It’s your response to one of the most important questions in any business-to-business relationship: Where are you going? Technology and innovation drive your ability to follow through on what that answer is, with the end goal being to help employers and employees alike save money in the easiest and most efficient way. Complete the form below to download your free resources and learn more about the employer experience through Discovery Benefits, and keep reading to see how innovation simplifies important segments of your administrative experience.

Smooth plan setup and renewal

If you’re new to your benefits administrator, you hope to have a transition that’s as effortless as possible. And if you’re renewing your plans with your current administrator, that process should be seamless as well. Data solutions built on integrations help to make both of those goals possible by preserving data integrity and increasing automation during the implementation and renewal processes, since reducing errors and removing the need for human intervention help assure deadlines are met. This is also why we’ve built technology within our employer online account to simplify plan setup and renewal. LEAP™ by Discovery Benefits includes step-by-step design guides to walk you through plan setup and renewal.

Accessible day-to-day administration

During the course of a plan year, a number of administrative needs may emerge for you. Technology helps you gain greater transparency into your plans and find fast answers to questions, putting information at your fingertips. With an innovative online account, you can:

And, with LEAP™, you can do all of these tasks for all of your benefits plans from one online account! This will help you save time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Improved participant experience

Your employees want the same simplified experience and easy access to their benefits plans as you do. And, when your employees have a great experience, you will too. So, from a technology perspective, what matters to your employees? Your administrator can provide the best technology for your participants in a number of ways, including:

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