How You Can Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

November 8, 2018

At the center of any strong relationship is a deep and personal emotional connection. Take a second and think about someone who is really important to you. Is that person a good listener? Do they ask how you’re doing? Do they make you laugh? These are important factors in developing a strong relationship. Not surprisingly, these emotional connections can take place in an employee/employer relationship, and the results are powerful.  

When employees feel their employer cares about them, they will, in turn, care about their employer and its success. It’s called employee engagement, and it impacts your company in many ways, including through customer ratings, profitability and productivity. By simply following a few tips heading into 2019, you can reap the rewards that come with increased employee engagement.

Instill a purpose-driven mindset

Did you know half of millennials say they would take a pay cut in exchange for having a job with meaning? The challenge is communicating that meaning in a relatable way so your employees understand the impact their day-to-day work has on the world. Let them know why their work matters. When possible, provide them with anecdotes (such as, “I received a call from a customer yesterday who said …”).

Reduce stress

Employees feeling stressed are more likely to say “I can’t” than “I can.” It’s no surprise that there’s a direct correlation between reduced stress and increased engagement. So how can you reduce stress? Encourage your employees to take their 15-minute breaks, and provide healthy snack options.

Finances are also a significant stress trigger, with money being the leading cause of stress for Americans. There are ways you can help your employees with financial wellness, including:

  • Hosting financial experts at your company who can provide your employees with advice for short-term success and long-term well-being.
  • Offering matches to 401(k) plans or contributing to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).
  • Providing comprehensive benefits offerings to help your employees save on healthcare expenses. (Complete the form below to get your Ultimate Guide to Benefits, which shows the savings and investment potential associated with consumer-driven benefits.)

Find the right leaders

There’s an old saying that employees don’t quit their jobs; instead, they quit their bosses. This is true for the half of Americans who said in a recent poll that they had left a job at some point in their lives to get away from their manager and improve their overall lives.

It’s critical that you have the right leaders. So hire them. Promote them. And grow them. Implementing a servant leadership culture will create leaders who are humble, compassionate and customer-driven. In this episode of Benefits Buzz, we discuss the power of servant leadership and how it can impact your workplace culture. 

Measure success

Employee engagement means being regularly be in tune with the wants and needs of your employees. That’s the only way for you to make a resounding impact on your business. Employee engagement success isn’t measured in any tangible way. Instead, it’s intuitive. It requires your eyes and ears. The key is strengthening the skills you need to “get the pulse” of your employees. You can do this by:

  • Incorporating supervisor/direct report one-on-ones as an essential part of supervisors’ responsibilities at your company.
  • Hosting stay interviews (which are like exit interviews, but you instead learn why your active employees like their jobs).
  • Scheduling team-building activities to promote cooperation and collaboration.

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