4 Tips to Heat Up Your Employee Wellness Program This Winter

January 3, 2019

Happier employees. Fewer healthcare claims. Reduced sick time. The impact of a comprehensive employee wellness program is clear. The return on investment is as high as 6-to-1, so there are benefits to keeping wellness top of mind throughout the year.  

Winter presents a unique set of employee wellness challenges. However, just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you have to put wellness initiatives on ice. Here are a few ideas to help keep your employees well this time of year.

Winter wellness tips

Create a cookbook with employees’ recipes

When temperatures drop, eating in can become more enticing. And millennial employees in particular love to try new foods.  Encourage your employees to send you their favorite healthy recipes, especially for lunchtime meals. Then, compile the recipes to create an office cookbook and share it with everybody.   

Organize winter activities

Even when the weather outside is frightful, there are a number of popular indoor sports in climate-controlled venues to get your employees’ bodies in motion. Organize tournaments (at work or outside of office hours) for:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Curling
  • Floor hockey

Bring in a chef

Many employees can’t resist free food at the office. So why not make sure what’s available is good for them? Bringing in an occasional office chef to cook meals packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, rather than sugar and sodium, is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits at work (while also presenting a social wellness opportunity).

Incentivize smoking cessation

Smoking cigarettes kills more than 480,000 Americans each year. The winter months are a great time to focus on a smoking cessation initiative for your company, since smokers have an increased risk for frostbite. The American Lung Association offers a number of tips to help your employees quit smoking and encourage overall corporate wellness.

Looking for other ideas on how to transform your company’s employee wellness program? Check out our blog post on four emerging employee wellness trends..

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