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Everything we do at Discovery Benefits is centered around creating the best experience possible for you and your participants. From the setup of your plans and open enrollment to ongoing education and assistance, we equip you with easy-to-use tools and resources to simplify your plan administration every step of the way. By providing cutting-edge technology, instant access to experts and proactive service, we’re more than just an administrator. We’re your trusted adviser.

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Our 30-plus years of experience implementing clients of all sizes and plan structures has led us to perfecting a streamlined approach to client onboarding. Our 5-phase PlanAhead™ Implementation process takes a holistic, proactive project management approach to onboarding that sets clear expectations right from the beginning. It starts by providing you with our PlanAhead™ Implementation Playbook that outlines exactly what you can expect from us throughout the implementation of your plans. 

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During the onboarding process, all of our clients are granted access to LEAP™, our client experience platform that lets you manage every aspect of plan administration from one spot. Plans are designed using step-by-step wizards where you can easily track progress, and plan setup is completed in just 7-10 business days.

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Through our Discovery Connections program, we integrate with all major HRIS vendors and insurance carriers, which allows us to automate the process for enrolling and updating participant information. This allows us to seamlessly enroll participants into our system, avoiding delays in benefits access and COBRA coverage while maintaining the integrity of your employee data.

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We give you access to an abundance of tools and resources that will be helpful to both you and your participants. We even cater our resources to different learning types, offering everything from guides and calculators to videos and self-help articles. See what’s available by checking out our Discovery Answers™ knowledgebase.

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Advanced Technology for Easy Administration

Through LEAP™, you get access to everything you need to manage your plans with Discovery Benefits. Think of it like your central HR technology platform with us — you’ll go to LEAP™ to make changes to your plan design, access on-demand plan dashboards and reporting, view invoice history, run non-discrimination tests and more.

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Fast Answers to Questions

When it comes to your benefits and COBRA administration, you want your questions resolved quickly. Discovery Answers™ lets you instantly search a robust knowledgebase of information to find answers to your most pressing plan administration questions. Or, if you'd rather seek answers from one of our experts, Discovery Answers™ Assisted Support provides an online case submission tool that will immediately route your question to an expert who can help.

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Proactive Services

We believe in a service model that's proactive — not reactive. That's why we regularly and proactively communicate on the topics most relevant to your administration, providing resources like blogs, articles, videos and webinars to help you learn about important plan features or best practices throughout your plan year. Our proactive communications will keep you up to speed on regulatory changes, new features and other important topics throughout your support lifecycle, saving you time to focus on other areas of your role.

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Easy Renewal

Our PlanAhead™ Renewal process lets you automatically renew your benefits plans from one year to the next with no changes on your part. Or, if you do have changes, this process provides pre-populated, step-by-step design guides so you only have to communicate what's changing from one year to the next — not what's staying the same. We also simplify renewal by sending reminders of milestones to keep timelines on track, offering an easy upload capability for electronic submission of COBRA rate change information and a case management system that routes questions to experts for fast resolution.


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