Commuter Benefits help employees save 40% or more by allowing them to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified commuting expenses incurred on the way to and from the office. Our Commuter Benefits plan offering includes mass transit, vanpooling and parking benefits and helps employees save on transit passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers, parking passes and more. These are great transportation benefits for employees looking to pocket more money from each paycheck.

As part of our comprehensive Commuter Benefits offering, we also developed our Discovery SmartCommute™ Program, which enhances the payment experience for commuter benefits participants in select cities. 


All About Commuter Benefits


Employee enrolls through his or her employer


Employee sets a monthly contribution amount

Employee pays for transit passes or vanpooling services using the Discovery Benefits debit card at over 10,000 terminal locations OR


Employee direct loads commuter funds onto a local transit authority smart card (in select cities)

The 2018 monthly contribution limit for mass transit is $260/month.


Employee enrolls through his or her employer


Employee sets a monthly contribution amount


Employee pays for parking passes with the Discovery Benefits debit card OR


Employee pays out of pocket and requests reimbursement

The 2018 monthly contribution limit for parking is $260/month.

The Discovery Difference

Whether they’re used in a bus, van, subway or parking garage, Commuter Benefits should be easy to use on the go. That’s the basis of our commuter offering. Here’s what makes our Commuter Benefits better:


One card, one online account, one app and one service center for all benefits


Fully compliant with IRS regulations in all U.S. regions, including Washington, D.C.


Integrations allowing direct loading of funds to smart cards, providing greater payment flexibility


Electronic fund loading capabilities, eliminating risk of lost vouchers and reducing frustration


Ability to use designated plan funds with UberPOOL, Lyft Line and SpotHero

Smart Card Integrations with Discovery SmartCommute

Our Discovery SmartCommute™ program improves the ease of accessing commuter funds by allowing participants in select cities to load funds directly onto a specific transit authority’s smart card. By letting participants load their monthly pre-tax Commuter Benefits funds onto a smart card directly from their Discovery Benefits online account, they can easily access those funds during their commute.

Discovery SmartCommute™ currently offers direct load capabilities with the following transit authority smart cards and accounts:

  • Chicago Ventra® Account
  • San Francisco Clipper® Card
  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) SmarTrip® Card
Discovery SmartCommute screenshot