Commuter benefits allow you to pay for eligible expenses related to parking, transit and vanpooling using money you’ve set aside pre-tax. A commuter benefit plan can save you up to 40% of your commuting costs. That's because pre-tax commuter benefits allow you to pay for your commute to and from work with pre-tax dollars, saving on transit passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers, etc., when riding on mass transit, or when riding with someone in the business of transporting people for hire (it must be in a vehicle that seats six or more adults, excluding the driver).

We simplify your pre-tax commuter benefit program by providing:

  • All aspects of the benefits administration process
  • A secure online resource for employees to manage their account and check balances
  • Easy online enrollment and account management
  • Education for employers and employees

Commuter Benefits Plan Options

Transit Benefits 
With transit benefits, save money for public transportation taken to and from work. Pay for transit passes with your Discovery Benefits debit card at your transit authority.

Parking Benefits
Parking passes:
     May be purchased with your Discovery Benefits debit card.
     Can be purchased out-of-pocket and be reimbursed via direct deposit or check from Discovery Benefits.

Vanpooling Benefits
Share a commute with a group of people through an official vanpooling or rideshare system (six or more adults, excluding the driver) and use your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay. You can also use uberPOOL or Lyft Line to rideshare with others on your commute to and from work. With either service, you pay for the ride with your Discovery Benefits debit card right from the Uber or Lyft app.

Bicycling Benefits
If your employer offers a bicycle commuter benefit option, you can receive reimbursement for expenses incurred bicycling to and from work. The bicycle commuter benefit account is 100% funded by your employer but is unavailable during a month you also receive reimbursement for transit and/or parking.

The Benefits of Commuter Benefits with Discovery Benefits

  • Simple.  Participants use the benefits debit card to make transportation and parking purchases at their local provider or through their provider’s website.  There are no ordering deadlines to remember.  
  • Resources.  Live customer representatives available via phone, email or online chat offer continuous education and support.
  • Access.  Discovery Benefits offers the online portal and mobile app to view commuter benefits balances at any time.  The benefits debit card may be used at all transportation and parking providers that accept card purchases.  It is not restricted based on location.    

Your Steps to Commuter Benefits Success (It doesn’t get much easier than this.)

  • Create your account and log in
    1. Set up direct deposit
  • Download the free Discovery Benefits mobile app
    1. Manage your account on your time